One to One Professional Consultations

The consultations provided include a comprehensive service, covering every aspect of your pet’s care, focusing on all elements of your pet’s environment that may affect your pet’s behaviour, covering recommended complimentary therapies, enrichment schedules, general routines etc. 


Focusing on all these aspects allows me to provide you with a comprehensive treatment of behavioural problems as well prevention of behavioural problems and training issues. 

A wide variety of training is covered during the consultations from training your pet to travel happily in the car, training your pet to have their teeth brushed, be weighed or have their health checked, training for particular veterinary procedures i.e. vaccinations, training your pet to feel confident in the vets, to sit in a restaurant and much more. 


My consultations are both behavioural as well as training consultations, even if you are just looking for a trainer, my expertise and understanding of behaviour, enables me to provide high quality and professional instruction when providing training for your pet, using only kind, modern and professional methods

My approach focuses on the root causes of behavioural problems and training issues as well as positively  shaping  desirable behaviour, whilst enabling you to have fun training, gain confidence with your pet, obtain great results and build a strong relationship with your pet. 

All consultations include full email and local or international telephone support, allowing you the support you need which is particularly important when working with complex behavioural problems, such as aggression or just if you are presented with a new situation you are unsure about, for example if you have puppy or you are a new pet owner etc. This is provided should you need any further advice or help in-between sessions. 

Skype Consultations are also provided upon request, please enquire for more information,