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Victoria Morris BSc (Hons)

Welcome to my Wonderful World of Animal Training and Behavioural management through Positive Reinforcement!

I am passionate about working with all animals and helping owners to develop that all important bond with their pets. My primary aim is to improve the welfare of all animals I work with through successful animal management, including the application of training and an effective enrichment schedule, just to name a few of those all important areas of your pet's life!! 

I hope you enjoy viewing the features on my site and share the enthusiasm that I have in buckets  loads for the work I do! Take this excitement for training and apply it to your life with your animal companion!!  

Go for it! 

I truly believe a trained pet is a happy pet so come on and join in with the fun!! Happy Training!!

I look forward to welcoming you to our community and to meeting you soon!!

Remember to have a pet is a privilege, not a necessity!!

Kind, Ethical, Effective and Modern Methods

My approach is very much focused on the cause of behavioural problems/issues as well as issues with training rather than trying to deal directly with unwanted behaviour which is very frequently techinique employed today. 

I really want to look at a pets experience, their environment, the routines in the home and the relationship a client has with their pet to successfully treat and work with any behavioural problems.

My approach is to provide the best support to clients as working with some behavioural issues can be very emotionally demanding so I am very passionate about being there for my clients should they have questions or simply want to talk through progress. 

All of the methods I use are kind, ethical and effective based on sound science and focusing on positively shaping behaviour. 

Our Personal Five Star Service

I offer professional one to one behavioural/training consultations at my client's home where I can best see thier pet in their own environment and assess any behavioural issues or problems, behavioural management and training required, as well as identify with my client their aims and goals in terms of getting the best out of their relationship with their best pet companion. 

I can assist clients with a wide range of pet species from dogs and cats to rabbits and bird species. 

Every attention to detail is made and full telephone/email support is given during any behavioural treatment schedule or any other service chosen by my client. 

The service I offer is extremely professional and I take a great deal of pride in the quality of service I offer. 

I have a close relationship with my clients and  in some cases I have known many clients for many years as they keep coming back to maintain their pets relationship with me whether it be with a weekly training session or a doggy stay or holiday. Clients feel reassured their pet becomes part of my family and is loved as if they are my pet. 

Other services include our Five Star Dog Care Service, Group Agility Classes, Obedience and Doggy Dancing Classes, Doggy Training Holidays and Professional Doggy Day Care Service. 

All services include training throughout the day and professional socialisation training, including trips to Italy and throughout France where your dog can experience a wide variety of environments from beaches, forests, snowy doggy trails in the winter, markets, restaurants, cafes, vineyards and much more!

It is very much a doggy family and I do hope you can join us soon!

Happy Training!


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