Group Dog Training Classes

The classes that I offer are professional, great fun and provide you the perfect opportunity to learn new challenges, ranging from obedience, doggy dancing, flyball and agility, as well as other specialised training, including training for veterinary procedures, grooming etc..

The classes allow you to start at a basic level with simple behaviours all the way to more advanced, complex behaviours and each week you can see your dog flourish in their reactions and responses to you and their ability to perform more challenging and amazing behaviours/routines; that are sure to impress the family when you get home!! But it doesn’t stop in the classroom, there are great fun classes/events provided where you can practice your skills ‘out in the field’, whether it be eating in a restaurant, walking in a new location, visiting historical sites and of course you can join in with the doggy vacations! 


During the classes off the lead socialisation is also provided in a safe and controlled environment! 

The classes are informal where you can feel comfortable, supported, get to know other people who love dogs and achieve all your training goals. 


The methods used are kind, professional and effective, focused on positively shaping your relationship with your dog! 

My approach focuses on shaping behaviour using positive reinforcement and modern training aids (e.g. clicker/whistle/target etc) but also very much focuses on helping you to develop your puppy/dog into a confident and happy dog whilst helping you to build a cooperative and strong relationship with your best friend! 


I strictly adhere to a professional code of ethics, including not using choke chains, prong collars, coercive methods or aversive stimuli. The methods I use are professional, modern techniques to train desirable behaviour based on science and behavioural knowledge of learning in animals etc. 

These classes provide the perfect opportunity to develop your puppy’s/dog’s confidence by exposing them to a wide variety of stimuli, allowing them to learn new behaviours, positively shape their socialisation skills, develop their bond with you, as well as allows you to start training your puppy/dog around distractions, so you can develop your puppy’s/dog’s ability to focus on you and be obedient to you when there are a wide variety of stimuli in the environment. 


The classes allow you to work in a safe and controlled environment, whilst having fun training your puppy/dog as well as meeting other people who love dogs. 


The classes are informal, allowing you to relax and focus on your training whilst providing you with all the support and help you need during the class. 


We cover all types of behaviours such as going through tunnels, greeting calmly on the lead, practice playing off the lead, desensitisation training, for example with sounds to prevent any phobias for example fear of particular sounds like fireworks, a wide variety of obedience training to doggy dancing and other fun behaviours. There also lots of fun activities where you can win prizes. 


   Our training class outings are great fun, enabling your dog to socialise with other dogs.  We go on lots of fun class training outings to different locations (for example Menton, Monaco Antibes etc) these classes cover training your dog in busy unfamiliar places, going for coffee  or lunch etc., and everyone including the dogs have a great time.